This morning the local newspaper, the Register, reported that a "solid closure gate" has been installed downhill from the rock slide. Visitors are being warned by the Inyo Sheriff's Dept. to stay out of the area.

The slide is about 100 feet long 40 feet wide, and 30 feet high. The County is developing a plan to clear the slide and hope to be able to do an assessment in about four to six weeks as weather and circumstances allow. Clearing the rocks and rebuilding the road surface will require permits for blasting. This will be a "substantial undertaking."

This morning,Inyo Board of Supervisors will consider passing a resolution to ratify an emergency declaration as mandated by State law. This would help the County get State and Federal funding for the necessary repair work, which is currently estimated at about $500,000.

The slow way government moves, it might be quite some time before the road is reopened. Plans for climbing Whitney might need to be reconsidered.

More information to follow as it become available.

Picture below from 2-23-17:

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