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My first post here. Very excited have a group of 7 trying to get into the lottery late September. We did Half Dome a few years ago and now ready to Try Mt Whitney. So a question if we wanted to increase our chances to get a weekend late September should all of us individually apply and add leaders and participants thereby increasing our chances to snag that date. OR should we do just ONE application for the group and hope for the best? When we followed the multiple application strategy for HD we got one application sucessfully approved only. Perhaps Rec.Gov did delete all the rest. But wanted to know if anyone has any opinion on this.
Thank you and looking forward to contributing on the discussion forums
Very excited

I know Inyo NF asks groups to submit just one application per group, but I cannot imagine how they can enforce it. For example, if Ernie and Bert want to hike Mt. Whitney and both apply for a 2-person permit without identifying the other as an alternate group leader, how would Inyo NF possibly know the two applications were for the same group? I suppose if Ernie and Bert had the exact same 15 alternate dates and applied on the same day, that might be a hint. But Ernie and Bert can mix up there date choices a bit and apply a week apart from each other. I just cannot see how Inyo NF could possibly know they are the same group. Same holds true for larger groups as long as no name is used twice as applicant or alternate leader. Right? What am I missing?

Maybe a couple might get caught if they use the same mailing address or phone number.

And if Ernie and Bert got caught submitting 2 applications, it's not clear to me what the consequence is. Are both applications deleted, or just one?