Seems pretty loosey goosey on a couple of criteria:

"Hikers completing the JMT" vs average distance of 169 miles vs "Long Distance Hikers".

AMS at 37% but headache at 33.

And if AMS is that frequent, how did I spend 3 1/2 weeks encountering dozens or possibly hundreds of fellow hikers without observing or even hearing of a single case?

Hypothermia, heatstroke (total of 12%, assuming nobody had both) are both serious conditions. Add to that fractures, blisters, AMS yet only 8.1% required medical attention. Self-diagnosis is always suspect. Or maybe the definition of "medical attention".

I am a little rusty on my statistics, but doesn't a mean age of 43 with a standard deviation of 14 indicate way too few older teens and 20-somethings?
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