You should try a pair of Bridgedale hiking socks. I bought a pair at REI a few years ago (don't think they sell them anymore), and they worked so well on a major x-c hike that I hunted down more pairs. They're pricey, but in my opinion, really worth it. I also had a pair of merino wool socks on that trip, and whenever I started feeling hot spots forming, I changed to the Bridgedales, and no more trouble.

Here's a link to Mens Light Crew socks. The thing that sets them apart is the fiber -- these are 42% Nylon, 38% Wool, 19% polypropylene, 1% Lycra. I think the synthetic Nylon/Polypro/polyester content in their socks really sets them apart.

I see on that site they also have a 'viscose from bamboo' sock. Maybe I should try those -- I picked up a bamboo/cotton T-shirt at Elevation in Lone Pine one time, and it is my goto sleep T-shirt! The softest most comfortable fabric I have ever experienced! It will be a sad day when it wears out.