Yes, I remember that person. He was wearing a brown down jacket, black pants, black glasses (prescription with clear lenses/not sun glasses) and two ice axes. I spoke with him a few times on the way up, and I saw him on the summit. As I arrived he was heading down, but I didn't ask (and he didn't say) which way he was going to descend. He definitely had two ice axes (as Hobbes already said). He is the person in the first four photos in the post above here. He said that he had camped at Consultation Lake the night before with two other people but that they did not go for the summit.

The person in the fifth photo was another person, named Kyle. He had also separated from his group. We talked at the summit for a while. He said that his buddies (I think there were two other guys in his group) had reached the summit before him. I remember him asking if he could descend with some of the other people who were on the summit and had talked about taking the trail route down. I saw that couple later but I did not see Kyle again.

I'm going through photos now to check for any others of him. I have the high res originals.