Hi Jonathan,

You're exactly right and I've continued to watch Recreation.gov to see if my preferred Whitney Exit and start date open up, however they have not.

Incidentally, yesterday early morning I was on (jet lag from international trip...) and there were LOTS of permits for a South Lake - Whitney 10 day run from Sept 3 to Sept 12 available. I immediately reserved a permit for that date range so now I have a complete permit in hand.

I'm trying to decide if I should keep the earlier one in August and hope to modify it (maybe catch some better greenery) or cancel it and just do the early Sept one. With all the snow up there this winter the Sept could be better for the mosquitoes problem too.

I guess I'm saying that the online reservation system makes it difficult to get our unicorn but if your dates are flexible, keep checking it might work out. Otherwise I was feeling OK with going to the station and getting it modified two days out.

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