First off, let me apologize if I am asking things that are commonly asked. I have tried to do a reasonable amount of research prior to this.

I am going to be working just a few hours from Mount Whitney coming up soon. If it is possible and reasonably safe, I would love to be able to make the journey to the top of Mount Whitney.

I would like to do a one day hike. I have never done a 14er before. My highest is only about half that height, but roughly the same total distance. That was in Romania over Halloween. The two days preceding that climb, I had climbed to 2 other peaks and mountain biked to a third. I am not an expert by any means, but I am of assumed sufficient fitness physically and mentally. I am not versed in winter climbing though.

For starters, does anybody have detailed info on current conditions and assumed ability to summit around December 21?

Additionally, is it realistically possible this time of this year?

I would want to go with a guide for obvious reasons. Assuming my fitness is acceptable, is this something that could be accomplished with a good guide, in leu of my lack of winter experience?

Lastly, could anyone recommend any guides that would be well suited for this? Does anybody on here do guides that would be interested?(my apologies if it is against any rules to ask this. My intentions are not to break any rules)

I know there are many factors of this that would all need to line up just right for this to be possible with my schedule and everything. I accept that I could get there and just have to turn around at any point.

Thanks in advance for all information and help!!!