Interesting numbers on how many unused permits there were especially the overnights through the "heavy" use summer.I also noticed that Oct.2 was one of the few days the entire permit season with 0 un-used overnight permits available.
The system definately needs to be modernized and computerized. The man hours to process by hand is daunting.Having same day abilty to process permits would be amazing.Now what to do about the no-shows( Good for us locals).There are so many problems with getting a permit in February for a Mt. Whitney excursion later in the summer with the weather being so unpredictable.It is such a crap shoot.How could one traveling from the East Coast or out of Country ever be able to plan effectively for a Whitney trip when the weather could change in a moments notice and cancel an attempt. I guess there no way to change that issue.
Thanks for all the info and links Steve. This is sooo valuable.What a tool for Whitney planning.

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