Well my posting pics is still a work in progress. I have the pics from Oct 2008 where I met Steve C, wagga and Laura AKA Moosetracks and untitle pics from last week. Notice the water falls and rivers.I still have to make a disc from a box camera I had to use since I forgot to charge my digital camera and ran out of battery.I have some amazing shots of the Merced and Vernal Falls to post. I have never seen the water flow at Vernal Falls or Bridalveil like I did Wed. Oct.14,2009 following Tuesdays torrential rain.I have more pictures to post from my digital but Flicker is saying I am over my months allowance of space.

BTW I origionally had this posted in Trip Reports but decided it is better over here in Discussion. I tried to delete the Trip Report post but it won't let me edit it now. Now sure why I can't get back into that post.

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