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I am posting my comment from a recent posting here to pass on Sonya and my recent Jan 2nd, 2015 sucessful Whitney summit with more pics and video to come soon.

For starters, Sonya and I did not hike during the storm. We heavily monitored weather for a good two months before the trip including Mammoth, basically entire Sierras. We were fully aware of the wind before the storm, quite a show with 60-100mph gusts and whiteouts while in our tent. The storm came in two waves, first small where we camped in a rock cave on our way up to Trail Camp from Outpost Camp then in between quickly relocated to Trail Camp to dig in for the big wave.

I live in Big Bear and frequent San Gorgonio and snowshowed 25 miles solo thru the San Bernardino Ridge at 10,000 ft west of Dollar Lake Saddle from Forsee Creek west thru the SB peaks laying fresh tracks all the way the weekend before Whitney.

We came heavily prepared to wait at Trail Camp with 4 season tent with snow walls dug out, -20 bags with bivy, etc. We were comfortable and warm waiting for window to summit. It takes time to get to Trail Camp and we are both knowledgeable of avalanches, etc. We also had sat phone with someone texting us updates on weather at all times! We had a great time!

We brought plenty of food back with us. We could have done it in 5-6 days but weather delayed the trip into 9 days where we had to make new tracks both ways from Lone Pine Lake. Going up 99 switchbacks laying tracks as well laying tracks on west side especially through the windows/ledges to summit was exhausting. We were also fully geared with over 130 pound packs combined leaving "half gear" at Trail Camp with "backup" carrying bivy/bag/stove, etc to summit. We were both self contained if happened to be separated for some reason.

This was my third winter Whitney Summit in 2 winters, twice solo (Mid-April 13' & 14') and last summit was along main trail then back to portal to regear and back up MR route to try summit twice via both trails in 6 days to get snowed out at Upper Boy Scout Lake where it was over-waist high wind blown drift snow to ascent to Iceberg Lake ontop of a thin layer of snow/ice during dry season, 13'-14' winter.

Snowshoes were only needed between Trail Camp to Chute and back. Crampons on chute, microspikes heading back down on avalanched switchbacks below Trail Camp past Lone Pine Lake as well heading up 99 switchbacks. Plenty of rockhard ice slopes to cross everywhere. Also use your mountain axe heavily! Also be sure to have good boots that stay dry and can handle heavy loads. We tied into eachother plenty of times with climbing harnesses and we both are skilled rock climbers.

Pic below at Trail Camp on New Year Eve '14
— with Sonya Wilson.

Another picture here.

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