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#44358 - 09/24/15 07:42 AM upper soilder lake to OAP?
Beantown Offline

Registered: 06/11/13
Posts: 27
Loc: SoCal
Hi I'm heading out from kearsarge to horseshoe meadows thru mitre basin tomorrow. Is there an off trail route from upper solider lake to OAP? I hiked Langley last year and thought I saw a trail down to there from north of OAP? Reading trip reports it seems most go south out of solider lake and head up the trail to NAP then over to OAP.


#44359 - 09/24/15 09:28 AM Re: upper soilder lake to OAP? [Re: Beantown]
Steve C Offline

Registered: 09/22/09
Posts: 7598
Loc: Fresno, CA
The online maps I use don't identify Soldier Lake, but I am assuming they are the lakes just south and west of "The Major General".

Here's a link to the Gmap4 map of the area. On the map, satellite view, you can see there is a well-constructed zig-zag trail heading east out of the Soldier Lake area. That must be the trail you saw last year. It is not marked on any of the maps that Gmap4 accesses.

I think the reason most people go S out of Soldier Lake is because there is a trail heading that way. If you follow that unmarked trail and head up the drainage above Soldier Lake, you will need to gain 300-400' extra feet of elevation and then lose it dropping down to OAP.

If you take your proposed route, the map link is set on satellite view to show the point( in the cross hairs in the center) where I would leave the trail and head SE toward OAP. You would still need to climb up and over the ridge to the south.

Have fun, whichever way you go!

#44360 - 09/24/15 10:09 AM Re: upper soilder lake to OAP? [Re: Beantown]
smart1 Offline

Registered: 08/11/14
Posts: 10
Loc: Nevada
We hiked that section last summer. Lots of switch backs but pretty good use trail. It connects in with the trail between OAP and Langley. I think it was only about 1.5-2 miles from the junction to the summit of Langley. Lots of signs of bighorn sheep in that are, but we didn't see any unfortunately. Once you intersect with the Langley trail you head south and downhill to OAP and cottonwood lakes.

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#44362 - 09/24/15 03:57 PM Re: upper soilder lake to OAP? [Re: smart1]
Beantown Offline

Registered: 06/11/13
Posts: 27
Loc: SoCal
Thanks for the info!

#44370 - 09/25/15 01:49 PM Re: upper soilder lake to OAP? [Re: smart1]
Chris B Offline

Registered: 07/18/11
Posts: 69
Loc: Denver, CO
I'll second smart1's post. I was up OAP to Langley last month, and there were several coming up from USL. It appeared steep in some sections, but none of those I talked to up there seemed to have any trouble. There was a big rock right about the junction that was a great spot to drop off extra gear and continue up to the summit for those that wished to do so.

After being inspired by some of those backpackers, the route down from that junction to USL is what I'm planning to take next summer as part of a trip, as a matter of fact!

#44372 - 09/25/15 02:46 PM Re: upper soilder lake to OAP? [Re: Chris B]
Harvey Lankford Offline

Registered: 11/10/09
Posts: 1017
Loc: Richmond, Virginia
was there 2014 and 2015. This pic is of the trail descending north from ridge (that leads from OAP to Langley) down to Soldier lakes. Major General on the right, where you turn the corner in the trees to enter Miter Basin.

Thinking about it from the lake going up..... above the lake, at the sandy and grassy area (not seen here), there is no trail visible as people have spread out. Above that flat area, in the chute, there are multiple crisscrossing use trails in the steeper section. Above that there is one trail (that you see in this picture, nearly at the junction of the OAP-Langley trail.

edit; smoke in distance is the "Rough" fire August 27


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