Here's a Strava link to a Nov 9, 2015 bicycle / hike trip from Badwater in Death Valley to the Mt. Whitney summit. 14 hours, 9 minutes! Completed by Don Bowie.

His Whitney Portal to the summit via the Mountaineers Route (and the old trail shortcut from the Portal to north fork Lone Pine creek): 3:41:08

From the Strava page, Don Bowie wrote:
Sunday, November 9, 2014
Badwater to Mt. Whitney summit FKT bike/run record 14:09:01

My third attempt at the bike/run record from the lowest point in continental USA (Badwater 266ft below sea level) to the highest point (Mt. Whitney summit 14,504ft)

Felt a bit sluggish on the bike but overall content with the effort, beating my previous time by a significant margin of 3 hrs 13 min. Ice and snow started pretty low on Mt. Whitney and slowed the pace considerably, especially the final 2000ft. Still felt reasonably strong after the climb back down to parking lot, thinking I can still push the pace further. I'd love to reach the 13 hour mark or better in the future- and still be able to manage the climb back down, of course. Big thanks Rich Meredick, and David Porter for support on the ride and Cody Tuttle for film and images- and all 3 for company on the summit run.

By the way, FKT = Fastest Known Time.