Quick trip up the main trail on Friday 10.6. Going for the 'old guys'(over 60 yrs) speed record of sub-4hrs to the top but just missed it by 12 mins. Got my feet wet at the LAST water crossing at Outpost Camp where ice-covered rocks and a chick in the middle of the stream stopped me dead in my tracks and ended up with completely wet feet!! Once I took my wet liners out at Trail Camp I could speed up again but by then my speed goal of 3 miles per hour was shot...oh well, next time. Brilliant day to be on the mountain in perfect conditions, about 40F at the top with little to no wind and fantastic trail conditions. Car-to-car time was 7hrs 43 mins, not too bad for a 60 yr old geezer...I'll be back!! Get up there while the going is good, before the first major snowfall.