This is posted on Instagram April 5 by actionphototours. His pictures are worth viewing -- I've never seen such an amazing collection of landscape and rock formation pictures!

Photo caption:
Back in Feb we went up to Reno and we hoped to get some skiing in. It turns out there was practically no snow in the Sierras, so we skipped the resorts and ventured further south, making it down as far as the Alabama Hills. Evelyn brought her dress and we found this vista of Mt Whitney that we thought would work well with a long telephoto lens. It was cold that morning, but she toughed it out with the wind whipping around her. Although you can't see it, there is a sharp drop-off just behind her. She is afraid of heights and sitting this close to the edge in windy conditions was really scary. But it made for a unique photo - especially with the moon setting above Mt Whitney.

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