Here's my situation:

I will be climbing Mt Whitney for the first time on June 5th. I have no prior experience in using ice axes or crampons, so I will be spending June 1st and 2nd in Lake Tahoe getting lessons and practicing using the ice axes and glissading. I got a total of 4 permits for a group of friends, thinking it will be a 1-2 day trip, but didn't realize that we ALL have to practice using ice axes before attempting. (Didn't realize there was record snowpack in the Sierras this year). This really screwed up my plans since a 1-2 day trip turned into a nearly week-long trip. So, now I may have some available permits.

However, I am still determined to attempt Whitney. With that being said, I will be arriving sometime around either June 3rd or 4th near Whitney Portal. I will be going up the main trail, then the Chute. If anyone is interested in coming along, let me know. You're going to have to deal with me since I'll be relatively slow going up the Chute. However, I am still a relatively fast hiker.

Prefer someone who has previous experience if possible.

PM me if interested. Thanks.

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