Trail conditions change daily. We stayed a night at Horseshoe Meadow prior to trail entry 7/2. Made it to the high trail camp area late afternoon and got a good night sleep first night. Good tent sights just below trail at east end of Consultation Lake. Got a late start around 8am heading to summit. Hiked up mild slope to switchbacks using crampons and ice axe. Swithbacks clear and dry except for 2 sections we felt still needed the gear. There was one section between Mirror Lake and Trail Camp which we also used our snow hiking gear, but some were comfortable with boots and poles. The area where people are crossing under the cables was most worrisome climbing up a stable rock wall about 5 feet tall to get around a significant ice and snow block. The area crossing over the "shoot" was also very intense with a large boulder blocking the path, and everyone dropping below it and back up to get to Trail Crest. My son went with boots and poles being tired of putting crampons on-and-off. I went up to the ridge and avoided this snow crossing alltogether. 30 feet up and easy climbing over some dry boulders brought me to Trail Crest easily. Dry trail all along the backside 1.9 miles until near the summit. Then a mild slope in snow upward, we used crampons and poles for this. Turn right up dry boulders and easily find the trail to summit. Going back down, much easier of course. No altitude illneas for us. Took Alleve for mild headache here and there. Hydrated well all the way. We are in fair hiking shape to start with. Made it up for a coulple of nights on Kearsarge Pass trail a few weeks ago. We decided to glissade down the shoot on our way back to camp. Thanks to day hiker group member who went ahead of us. By 3pm the snow was slushy and able to keep our downhill speed under control. If you don't use good gloves, you will likely loose significant skin off of your knuckles. Icy conditions are life threatening as there is a turn above a rock pile wich requires some control. So, long story-short we made it safely taking our time and using good gear. Stayed second night, and hiked out on day 3. Happy 4th - be safe everyone!