Any suggestions for good 3-4 day winter backpacking treks in the Sierras?

When I go will depend on conditions (although Winter came in with a sudden vengeance in the last 2 weeks, so could go any time), but just want to have some ideas in mind for when I feel like going and conditions allow.

Might do Yosemite Snow creek to North Dome or Tenya Lake (last time I tried that, I had my left knee act up so couldn't continue). Anyone ever do Old Big Oak Flat trailhead to Snow Creek in Winter?

I've done Badger Pass to Glacier Point and to Ostrander Lake, so not looking in that area this year.

Tahoe area might be an option. Anyone ever do the Desolation Wilderness in Winter and have any info on that area in Winter?

Not likely this Winter, but may try Whitney in winter/spring some year.