No peak bagging here, but did approximatley 53 miles and 10,000 feet of gain over five nights to hit the JMT from just south of Florence Lake to the Le Conte Ranger station (Bishop Pass turnoff). Started on the Pine Creek trailhead and made our way up to Honeymoon Lake for night 1 camp, then over Pine Creek Pass and down Paiute Cayon. I have to say, I have done dozens of trips on the Eastern Sierra and have never heard of this trail. Going up from the mine was not necessarily picturesque, but it was interesting, and once up to the lakes just below the pass, it was an absolute treat. Then once we got down into Piute Canyon it was majestic. The cascades and waterfalls never seemd to end, and the granite rising up on each side was most impressive. We were expecting this to be a relativley low key access trail and it ended up being every bit as impressive as the JMT itself. I highly recommend visiting this area if you haven't been there. The Evolution Valley lived up to expectations, as the series of lakes and surrounding peaks was even more impressive than anticipated. We did a side hike up to Darwin Bench just before entering Evolution Valley proper and we found some great views of the west side of Evolution from a nice ridge. The lakes at Darwin Bench were idyllic, and I hope to make a return trip to this area via Lamarck Col in order to hit Mt. Goethe. The hike up to Muir Pass and the hut from the north/west was nice and gentle, but the hike down the other side was steep and long. Lots of water on the south/east side of the pass, but it was a very forboding area with nothing but rock and tight canyons until you got down to around 10,000 feet or so. Little Pete and Big Pete meadows just north of the Le Conte ranger station were beautiful and afforded some scenic views of points south on the JMT. The hike up to Dusy Basin was steep and relentless, but once up to the first set of lakes the views of the Palisade Crest were impressive. All in all it was an unforgettable trip. The rain from the previous days cleared things out, as we had perfect air quality the entire trip, and we had no enounters with mosquitos on any part of the trail. Here are some pictures: 1) Honeymoon Lake just below Pine Creek Pass (camp for night 1): [img][/img]; 2) Majestic view from Piute Canyon, about 2 miles from the JMT junction: [img][/img]; 3) View of lake at Darwin Bench: [img][/img]; 4) View of Evolution Valley from Darwin Bench: [img][/img]; 5) View of Mt. Goddard/Goddard Divide from Wanda Lake: [img][/img]; 6) View back to the northwest from Muir Pass: [img][/img]; 7) View of Palisade crest from Dusy Basin: [img][/img]; 8) Great view east from just below Bishop Pass with perfect air quality: [img][/img]