So, looking at my hikes for this summer, I was thinking of doing section G of the PCT to Whitney.

Looks like I don't need a permit to start at Hwy 178, but a non-quota permit will be needed when I re-supply at Kennedy Meadows (south).

Anyone done that stretch and have any suggestions or info on things to look for or avoid?

I looked at section F, but the water sources seem to be few and far between (although this year, there might be extra sources).

I'm also hoping to go to Japan and hike the Central and Southern Japan Alps. They have mountain huts, so don't have to carry all my gear. The only problem is that they require reservations and that'll be tricky when they start accepting reservations in April.

Anyone happen to know of any reservation resources in Japan that cater to English speaking hikers?

Fuji reservations usually are bi-lingual and the huts in the Northern Japan Alps don't require reservations (did some of those trails in 2016).