This is a continuation of a set of videos on YouTube, recorded on Sept 29, 2010, while hiking the Mountaineers Route on Mt. Whitney.

The first set is here:  North Fork to Upper Boy Scout Lake.
And the set following this set: Mountaineers Route, Final 400 chute.

Whitney drainage 1, 0:54, 11:24 AM
This video was recorded after climbing the steeper section heading south from the trees near Upper Boy Scout Lake, and then turning west. It shows the westward-looking view as we approach the base of Whitney's east face.

Whitney drainage 2, 0:45 11:54 AM
Note the use path that is fairly easy to follow. There are sizable cairns along the way as well. This video shows a 2 foot high cairn. The cairn location is a bit high, so from this point, we have to traverse horizontally -- even downward -- rather than climbing, to get to the base of the easiest approach up to Iceberg Lake. After reaching the location at the end of this video, we can see several use paths near the bottom of the drainage below.

Take care at this point to AVOID climbing up to the first wet "seep" area (the rocks are black). While it looks climbable, the easier route is farther west toward the base of Whitney, and starts near the base of the drainage. Getting to the easiest area to climb, you will pass several wet seeps where water is coming out of cracks on the granite.

Iceberg Lake, 1:43 12:18 PM
Iceberg Lake is also known as East Face Lake.

This video was recorded after climbing the steep section heading north from the base of the drainage, up to Iceberg Lake.  The climb was fairly easy, but one short section required use of hands.

Toward the Notch 1, 1:24, 1:33 PM
Climbing above Iceberg Lake, toward the notch.  Note that the last water available is in Iceberg Lake.

This section is climbed with Bob H; Tom went on ahead while we rested and ate lunch at the lake.

This video is taken in a steep section, and camera as aimed a bit too low.  Starting at Iceberg, most people stay left of the center of this chute.  We started a bit too far left, and the climbing was more technical than other times I have made the climb.

Toward the Notch 2, 0:53 1:49 PM
This is a good sample of the climbing below the notch.

Toward the Notch 3, 0:28, 2:11 PM
This shows some of the looser areas below the notch.  Climbers need to take care not to dislodge rocks, especially if anyone is climbing below.

Toward the Notch 4, 0:54, 2:47 PM
Nearing the notch. We have moved to the right side of the chute at this point, as there were some easier sections there.

Toward the Notch 5 -- Topping out, 1:22, 2:51 PM
2 1/2 hours after arriving at Iceberg Lake, we arrive at The Notch.  We rested here about 40 minutes, soaking in the sun.  It had been chilly and windy below the notch.  There was no hurry to reach the summit, since we were spending the night.

The climb videos continue here: Mountaineers Route, Final 400 chute.