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#9613 - 12/16/10 08:58 PM Uploading Pictures to the Picture Gallery
Steve C Offline

Registered: 09/22/09
Posts: 7908
Loc: Fresno, CA
Here are the steps to upload your pictures.

Note: First, your pictures must be accessible on your computer. Do this by either connecting your camera to the computer via a USB wire, or getting the memory chip from your camera and inserting it into a chip-reader slot on your computer.

1. Click on the Picture Gallery forum

2. Click on New Image.  (You must be registered and logged in to post.)

3. Type a subject entry.  The subject text appears below every picture in the group.

4. Type a description of the set of pictures in the message box (it cannot be blank).

5. Below the text window, click on "Image Manager".

6. A different window pops up, titled File Manager. Click "Browse"

7. A "browsing window" opens allowing you to navigate to folders and devices connected to your computer.  This may be difficult for some, since you need to understand how to find the directory or folder where the pictures are on your computer, or to find the camera connection to the computer.

Once you find the desired image, select it by double clicking the file name.  The browsing window closes, and the path and filename of the picture is loaded in the text box to the left of the Browse button.

You can enter a Caption for the picture in the File Manager window.  It displays below the subject entry when the someone views your pictures.

8. Click "Add file". The text area with the filename clears. This process takes some time, since the picture is being uploaded at this point.

9. Add many pictures to the same "Image" so they're all together. Repeat the Browse, select, Add file sequence (steps 6,7,8 above) several times to load several pictures.

10. When done adding ALL the pictures, click "Done adding files".

11. Click Submit to post your message and pictures so everyone can see them.

Good luck!

~~~~ Adding pictures to an existing set in the Picture Gallery ~~~~
Please try to add new pictures to an existing gallery rather than creating a new post for each picture.
1. Find your set of pictures in the Picture Gallery area.
2. Click the picture or the title below it.
3. Below the "Thumbnail / Medium / Full" information, click the Edit button.
4. The Edit Post window displays. Click the "Image Manager" link below the text window.
5. Follow steps 5 - 10 above to add more pictures.
6. Click the "Change Post" button to complete your updates.

(If I can improve these instructions, please make suggestions.)
There is a link to this topic at the top of the Picture Gallery.

#9615 - 12/16/10 10:05 PM Re: Uploading Pictures to the Picture Gallery [Re: Steve C]
Steve C Offline

Registered: 09/22/09
Posts: 7908
Loc: Fresno, CA
Instructions for including a picture in a post in other forums.

Once you have uploaded pictures to the Picture Gallery, you can display them in-line within a post in any forum. In fact, I'd encourage you to write a trip report or something describing what your pictures show.

Note: You can also find instructions in the Message posting tips feature topic (above on the left).  Within that topic, see the Adding picture images section.

To include a picture from the Picture Gallery in your post:

1. You will need the UBBCode "location" of the picture from the gallery. The "location" is the string of characters following the "Medium" or "Full" label beneath the picture, starting with [img... To copy the location, just click on the text. Your browser should highlight the text.

2. Copy the highlighted text: Right-click it and select "copy" from the menu.

3. In the message you are posting, where you want the picture to appear, right-click and select "paste" from the menu. You will see the location characters added to your post.

4. click the Preview Post or the Submit button to see how it looks.

Edit: Just a note to remind people: When videos are embedded in a post, you need to change the "Markup" below the text posting window to "Using HTML and UBBCode". But then, when you do that, the Preview does NOT work right -- it does not show the embedded video, but instead echos the HTML code (the <imbed... text copied for the video.) But try posting, and the HTML is interpreted properly.

#24782 - 06/06/12 05:46 PM Including a video from Youtube [Re: Steve C]
Steve C Offline

Registered: 09/22/09
Posts: 7908
Loc: Fresno, CA
Here's how to post any Youtube video, so the video appears within your post.

First, you need to upload your video to Youtube. These instructions don't cover that part. (We don't support uploading and storing videos within the WhitneyZone software. They take up so much disk space, it would cost much more to host the web site.)

On the Youtube page where you can view your video, just below the video window, click the "Share" button. That opens up a space showing you the link that brings people to that Youtube page. Next, click the "Embed" button (you are "embedding" the video into this forum.) An area opens below the button showing the code starting with the <iframe...

You can simply copy that code and paste it into your post, but I prefer to do a little more. Below the box with the code to copy are some boxes: (small, medium, large, etc, and "Custom", showing some numbers representing width and height dimensions.) Our board runs best with pictures at width=800. So plug in "800" in the Custom Width spot, and it will set the height automatically, AND will change the code to copy.

Now, copy that code (the <iframe... stuff) and paste it into your post.

Below the forum's posting window, make sure to set the Markup to "using HTML and UBBCode", and it is ready to submit.