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Let’s face it. The whole idea of making visitation of Yosemite by reservation only as a means of crowd control is something that has been tossed around for DECADES. But the sheer unpopularity of this whole idea with the general public has kept this idea from becoming a reality. However, Covid has recently given this rather old idea some sense of legitimacy. Now that those forces within the NPS who favor entry by reservation have had the opportunity to establish an unpopular system that wouldn’t fly before, is it likely that the current ticketed entry into Yosemite is now here to stay?

I, for one, am happy that these limitations have been imposed. I well remember when you could enter Yosemite Valley, without concern about needing 5 hours to simply "make the loop". In my opinion the crowded conditions of recent years spoiled the experience for everyone. I much prefer the less crowded experience, even if it does imply limited choices for dates, and requires more advanced planning. I can deal with that much better than the alternative. Also, there are many alternative destinations within the Sierra's that provide a very comparable experience. I will be exploring a few areas of Yosemite next week that I have not been to in the past. For me, it was not difficult to secure the necessary day pass, as I planned this over one month ago. Had I not been able to secure the permit, there are lots of other options nearby. Mammoth Lakes offers access to the many magnificent hikes: Lake Ediza, Garnet Lake, 1000 Island Lake, Minaret Lake, explore the Minaret Mines, Duck Lake, Deer Lakes, Mammoth Crest, Gaylor Peak, Mt. Dana (although within Yosemite Park, these last two destination are accessible by parking outside the park, and hiking in)....... and on, and on, and on.......

I'm with Bob on this issue.