Permits for all Inyo National Forest trailheads must be reserved online through They must be "picked up" and printed by you following the process below. NOTE that Inyo staff works 8-5, so if you reserve a permit after hours, you won't be able to make contact to get the email from them with your permit, until the next morning!

Links to the website:
  For Mt Whitney Main Trail:   No-shows and cancellations are showing up regularly.
  For all other Inyo N.F. trailheads:

Updated link to pickup instructions:

The Interagency Visitor Center just south of Lone Pine is now open, and they are the best location to pick up your permit in person.

Telephone pickup method is better than the email method below:
    Call the Wilderness Permit Office: 760-873-2483   then press 0, then let it ring and ring until someone picks up. If it disconnects, repeat the process. The number should be working 8-5 daily.

Email pickup method -- the least preferred method:
    To pick up your permit for any Inyo National Forest trailhead:

Send an email to:

Subject should have: Hike start date, Trailhead (example: May 14, 2021, Mt Whitney Main Trail)

Email body should include:
  the reservation number
  the group size
  For Mt Whitney, you should state that you have viewed the "Mt Whitney Leave No Trace Video"
  Say how you will store your food.
  Your name

A note on confirming and picking up your printed permit:   You can do this as far as two weeks before your trip.  Two weeks works if you are 100% certain you (and all in your group) are going.  However, we all know stuff happens, so why not wait until just several days before your trip to pick up/print your permit.  Please cancel or release slots if people drop out of your group so others wanting to go can reserve the slot.