Posted by pasadenarehearsal, 06-03-06

For anyone unsure about doing the one day thing I wanted to report a successful summit from the portal on Friday June 2nd. I was able to do it in seven hours, starting at 5am and reaching the top at noon. My brother and I kept a pretty good pace so you may want to consider an earlier start time. It was far from easy but worth the effort. Crampons were a must in the chute as well as a little suspension of fear. Good luck to anyone making an attempt!!

Posted by RonB, 06-04-06
If this is who I think it is...I was the guy waiting at trail camp with your brother. We watched you come down the chute, you were really moving and making great time. Congrats on the great day! Tell your bro hi for me.

Ron B

Posted by HalfDomeHike, 06-04-06
You are a stud dude. Unless your middle name is "Sherpa", how did you acclimate? I am planning a one day via the Main Trail in July and dreading the hike above Trail Crest.

Posted by 12 yr old whitney climber, 06-05-06
Im 12 and I made it in 1 day with my fam (dad, mom, aunt, uncle,older sister was 14 older bro was 13 me and my little sis,was 10.) we made it to the summit at FIVE PM which, if u've done his before is, pretty bad, so anyway, my older sister was way far back on the mountain, like just a couple miles past trail crest, and we were all at the summit. My dad was with my older sister but she could barely walk. So she finally made it to the summit and we headed back. Before we even past trail crest, she start hurling (totally gross!!!!!) so at the switch backs my mom and aunt decided that my aunt would go find the ranger at trail camp. My older bro and I were fine so we decided we wanted to go. So we made it down the switch backs in about an hour or less. My mom and aunt both had walki-talkies so they were keeping each other updated. At trailcamp the ranger had left so we kept on moving to outpost. It was pitch black and about 40 degrees out when we reached outpost, my mom and everyone else had just made it off the switch backs and when they got to trailcamp, noone was helpful. they got two blankets and that's it. so when we got to outpost my aunt went to the first tent she saw and there were three people there. Two were doctors and one was a navy doc who specialized in altidude sickness! what are the odds!! so they started up the trail to find them and literally gave my older sis a piggy back ride down to op camp. my aunt and brother and I headed out and were out of all water but not very thirsty due to the temperature. Literally the second we got off the mountain onto the road, a Search and Rescue truck pulled up. we asked what they were here for and they sed a boy had called to say his friend broke is leg on the trail. which turned out to be bogus. so they headed up to outpost and gave my sis oxygen and all that. my grandma was sleeping in her trailer at the camp at the base of the mountain. (not the portal) and didn't know what had happened so she wasnt there to pick us up. the sad part was that my mom had the keys to the car!! so we sat in a strangers car 4-5 hours waiting for some news and then we got something from the walkie-talkie. it was my uncle and he had the car keys, he was about 2-3 mi. from the end and so they drove us home to the Dow and in the morning at like 7, we got up and went to the portal, had pancakes and just waited there for any news, when we saw my dad and litle sis coming down to us. they said my older sis had been airlifted off and my mom couldn't go in the copter so she went back w/ search and rescue. hope you all have fun on your trip and eat diamox before you go! we did but my sis didn't take as muchas we did! lol! (sorry for all the chat speak, I don't notice when I'm doing it because I chat on here so much!!)

Posted by Got Pain?, 06-05-06
Pasadenarehearsal- What time were you going up the chute and what was the snow condition?

Posted by Michael Dyer, 06-06-06
This is brother who did not make it to the top! It was still an awesome day and I have the photos to back it up. My brother is a Jack Rabbit and I am very proud to be able to climb with him.
Ron, I had a great time talking and spending time with you. Thanks again for the coffee and feel free to e-mail me anytime.
There was nothing but great people on the trail that day and that is what makes this sport rock!

Posted by pasadenarehearsal, 06-06-06
In answer to HalfDomeHike, all I did was take two Tylenol at some point during the hike. I still had a couple waves of nausea and a slight headache but nothing too serious.

In answer to 12yr old Whitney climber, That's quite a story, I'm glad it all worked out well. Hope you have many more good trips in the future.

In answer to Got Pain?, I believe it was about 9:00 or 9:30am. The snow seemed firm to me but I've never hiked in those kind of conditions before so I have nothing to compare to. Be sure to bring crampons and trekking poles.

An addition to my trip report, I didn't use any sunblock that day and was wearing shorts the whole time. Needless to say, I have a serious burn on my lower legs and am now laying with my swollen feet up, wrapped in bandages from knees to ankles and taking Vicodin for the pain. Feel free to let me know what an idiot I am!!!

P.S. Almost forgot to thank my brother for comming along and making the trip a lot of fun!!! Hope to do it again in the future.

Posted by Ratboy, 06-06-06
Okay, you are a very big one, though only for the sunscreen oversight.....

I hate it when I do that. Went snowshoeing this year in Gorgonio and decided to head up a chute. Needless to say the whole time, surrounded by snow, I was feeling tired from walking and knew I should put on sunscreen. Luckily, only my face got burnt, but I had a goofy red mask because of my glasses and do-rag I wear, was very jolson-esque.

I hope you feel better soon and sunburn, real sunburn, really dampens a day.

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