Posted by Wayne, 05-25-06
I have created a series of five maps for any interested. Four are full-color and shaded topo maps from National Geographics Topo! software, which show the Mountaineer's Route and the location of the Ebersbacher Ledges. Two of the maps show latitude/longitude readings in the margins, in vertical or horizontal format, and two maps show UTM readings in the vertical and horizontal formats. The fifth map is a hand-drawn map of the 97 switchbacks. You can see (and download) these jpeg maps  here.  Have fun! smile

Posted by Steve C, 05-25-06
Great maps, Wayne! (And good to see you using Smugmug). I especially like the the horizontal (landscape) maps because they show both the Whitney trails from Portal to peak.

I was able to print one on a single page using the Firefox browser: Click on the picture to get it into the main view. Then click on the larger picture to bring up an even larger view. Finally, click on the "O" (for Original) in the Sizes selection at the very top.

Then I used the browser's File, Print Preview page to select an 80% size, and select a landscape page. So the map filled the entire page nicely.

Unfortunately, using Internet Explorer, I could not get the "Original" size frame to print -- it always wanted to print the view with all the thumbnails on it. ...say, maybe this link would work with Internet Explorer. ...well, I tried. IE crops out part of the bottom and left edges. I sure like Firefox!

Here is a []MS Word document file[/url] with the map. If you have MS Word, maybe this will give you the best print out of the map.

And here is a jpg image of the map that you can try printing directly from your browser.

Posted by Doug, 05-25-06
The maps look close to the mountaineers route some caution needed above Lower and Upper Boys scout Lake, Lower route tends to be too high and upper leads into closed bowl, I would drop down near Clydes Meadow and straight line it there leading onto the slabs and more into the saddle. These are both common areas where people get confused and make wrong choices.

Posted by Wayne, 05-26-06
Thanks, Doug. I plotted my GPS coordinates by hand, and just putting the line on the map with a mouse, rather than a pen, is a bit daunting. Of course, my line is supposed to be a "route," and not a trail. However, so many have pounded the turf between the EB ledges and Lower Boy Scout Lake, it is pretty obvious which way to go. After LBSL, however, can be problematic.

Steve, I would think if any one can figure out how to reproduce those maps, you da man!

And thanks to Richard Piotrowski, I finally opted for SmugMug.