Mount Whitney Artmap (poster)

This is a poster-sized drawing of Mount Whitney that I drew. The first image shows the poster inside an inexpensive 22 inch by 28 inch picture frame. The second image shows the heart of the region, with a hand in the foreground (for scale). The third image shows an abbreviation key, which is located in the lower right corner; it lists the features you can expect to find on the artmap. My camera skills are not as good as my drawing skills, and the so colors are a little off on these three photographs.

The final image is a 4 inch square sample from the actual data file (the one sent to the printers). This last image has greater color fidelity; it's much closer to what it looks like in real life.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this artmap, kindly check out the following website:

pencilstrength dot thedribble dot com

Get rid of the spaces, and replace the word "dot" with a punctuation period. An online art gallery should appear. Please scroll down, to the very bottom, to find the link to the Mount Whitney Poster.

Thank you for glancing at my art, and have a great day!


Carl Raillard