More interesting views...

Here is a picture showing Half Dome taken from Dewey Point, which is a few miles west of Half Dome on the rim of Yosemite Valley.

And this picture is taken from the same point, looking west toward the coast range. The two peaks are Mt Isabel and Mt. Hamilton, above San Jose, 112 miles away!

The pictures above got me to looking around, and I found the image below from Viewfinder Panoramas (see gallery, Copernicus Peak)  The image is taken from Copernicus Peak on Mt. Hamilton.
Here is the annotated view from Copernicus.
In the annotated view, Half Dome is not identified, but it is obvious between and below "Kuna" and "Parsons".
If you view the Original size version of this picture, see if you can spot Half Dome--It's a little right of center.
(click on the image to see the original size)

Here is the same photo, annotated by Wayne Pyle:

And finally, this is a crop taken from the full-size view of the picture above.  It's width takes in the same peaks shown in the original picture of the grain elevator taken by Tony Immoos from Denair.