Tony Immoos sent me links to a nice map he created by using a handy map tool at (aka HWT)

See it yourself: Half Dome on HWT.

Tony's flickr page is here:  Half Dome Viewing Area

Here's his map created using the "Visibility Cloak" feature on the HWT.

Click on the picture for the huge view.

Here's how Tony created the big map:
So what I did was zoom back in a bit to get some detail, then I made a screen capture of the map, moved it and made another, and another and another.... I then pieced them together in Paint Shop Pro like a puzzle and came up with a 5000x4000 pixel map showing all the places you could see HD from.
Thank you, Tony!!!

I did not know about until now.  It's a great site -- should be handy for generating some nice profiles and maps.