I'm planning one more trip to Whitney this year - another day hike on the 14th. Hurdles to overcome - No permit, weather, two newbies (15/F and 45/M). I'm not too worried about the permit since it's the middle of Oct and the middle of the week. The weather factor has me worried somewhat. I've been snowed on and rained on before but only while responsible for myself. I've made it very clear that I will pull the plug on this trip if the weather bothers me in the slightest. I'm not too worried about the newbies since I've hiked with them before, BUT - once again niether has been over 11,000 feet.

So, what's your opinion? What are the odds I'll have decent weather that day? 40/60? 50/50? No way?

My goals are the same as always - #1 return to the truck safely, #2 have fun, #3 get some great pics and #4 try to summit.

Counting my 1st trip up with my brother this will be newbie 5 and 6 I've hiked with towards the summit. The other four all made it, but that's probably more luck than anything.............................................DUG