Since I am once again in the market for a boot that can last for months on the trail I was wondering what anyone else's take is in regards to boots and proper designs that can get the job done.

The past few years I have exclusively bought Merrell boots but I think it is time to go else where. In 2009 I bought some 140 dollar boots from Merrell that were gore tex so I could deal with flooded swamp like trails. A week into the trip holes began to form along the stitch lines connecting the soles. So I lost my water proofing. By the end of the trip (40 days) the holes were 4 inches long with other holes and strange padding failure inside that nearly crippled me. Merrell claimed my boots were not made for long distance hiking and recommended some of their higher end boots.

I took their advise and in 2010 bought their Outbound Mid's. 240$. A week into the trip the stitching began to fail. Nearly 60 days in I had 3 to 4 areas on each boot with large holes from the stitching failing. The worse effect was getting tons of rocks in my shoes on scree slopes. And not just inside to pour out but actually inside in between the lining which required me to cut the lining all apart to get the rocks out. I am actually still working rocks out of those boots as I still wear them. They did survive 71 days and were comfortable but once again durability failed me and early.

So the way I am leaning is to remove the stitch factor and buy boots with as little of it as possible. Has anyone had experience with boots designed like this? Two choices and brands I am considering are these:

Zamberlan Vioz GT

Asolo Power Matic 200

Boots to me are the great hiking irritation as since every foot is different and there is no absolute truth.

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