Interesting issue with the webcam...

I was off-line for several days, so I called Russ at the museum. He had checked the line to the router and modem, and all checked out ok. So he pulled the computer out of its hiding place in the base of the tower, and opened up the case.

Inside the case, a mouse had taken up residence, gaining access through an uncovered expansion slot. The nest was built right on top of the cooling fan and communications card, and there was a lot of mouse droppings inside, too.

Russ took on the unfortunate task of cleaning up the mess, and upon reassembling it all, the webcam is back on line!

Oh, and the expansion slot is now sealed with aluminum tape.

...and now a power failure on Friday stopped the Williamson webcam. The camera needs it's power button pressed to bring it back on-line -- an easy task once you open up the box it is in.

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