I sure want to thank Gary and Pam and Dave for ALL their help. This project would not have been possible with out the participation from each and every one! Pam was able to donate 23 computers and a server to Lone Pine High School. In turn, the high school is allowing us use of two of the computers to serve the web cam process.

Dave and the LPHS IT guy worked hard to get the computers up and running (they had been wiped squeaky clean... would not even boot!) Gary and Dave did all sorts of handyman work getting wiring installed and camera brackets installed.

The second web cam in Independence needs a little work -- internet connection and firewall tweaking -- and it will be on line as well.

And we should be getting a daily video of the prior day's pictures soon!

Bob R and Jay came up and accompanied/guided us on a hike up Thor via the "Secret" route, and down via the Mirror Lake breaks. (At the end, my feet were killing me, since I haven't hiked in months.) It was a Thor first for three of us, and even my first north side North Fork ascent to LBSL, too.

I have lots of pictures to post, from the camera installations AND the hike. So much to do, so little time.

Oh, and wagga and I enjoyed pizza at the WND (Whoah Nellie Deli) in Lee Vining. The live band was a great final touch.