Inyo SAR and the CLMRG, including Bob R, participated in a rescue operation on Sunday/Monday, of a climber on Lone Pine Peak, where the climber fell and suffered open fracture of his ankle.

CHP helicopter made three trips ferrying rescuers to the summit where they descended to the victim and spent the night. The helicopter returned to haul the victim out on Monday, and the SAR people then hiked out.

Here's Bob's photo report (Thanks so much, Bob!)
    2012-05-20 Rescue on Lone Pine Peak

News reports and discussion of this rescue can be found here: CLMRG assists in Lone Pine rescue

One of the pictures from the set: The helicopter with all excess gear removed, EVEN THE DOORS!, and litter on the hoist, ready to go.

By the way, our Mt Whitney Hikers Association was able to make a $250 donation to Inyo SAR this year. Your donations to the WHA help!