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You can get an idea of what to expect on any particular day of the week and month if you look at the prior years' numbers. Above, you can get the link for 2011, and in the 2011 page, you can go to the 2010, and so on back to about 2007.

Since it's been a dry winter, it looks like numbers are running about 2 weeks ahead of 2011. Your data indicates ~20 day use mid-week hikers around June 6. Corresponding 2011 numbers were 7 around June 8, 17 around June 15, 30 around June 22, and 65 around June 29.

And even that must be only because people don't realize how dry it was. Looking at last year's trip reports, there was more snow on the trail on July 20 (!) last year than there is right now.