> 30 seconds is a big deal, esp. if it happens regularly. If you're having 10- to 30-second episodes throughout any given night, then you should seriously consider having a sleep study done, Steve.

BTDT. (Been there, Done that) I had 5 episodes during the sleep study. Fun, by the way -- trying to sleep with about 20 wires hooked up to your body and scalp, including sticky gooey stuff to keep them attached in the hair.

That's how I got the oral appliance from my dentist. Cost ~$1500, but insurance paid for most of it.

> As for the mouthpiece Steve mentioned, it may be useful in mild non-apnea snoring; but I doubt it would be of any real help with actual sleep apnea.

The mouthpiece pulls the jaw forward and thereby pulls the tongue and tissues forward as well. It seems to be enough, for me anyway, to alleviate the blockage that results in the breathing obstruction.

That being said, I still need to do a subsequent sleep monitor night to see if it prevents the low-oxygen episodes. Before the sleep study, I wore a recording pulse-oximeter one night supplied by my doctor. It showed a number of low-oxygen episodes, so then the doctor prescribed the sleep study.

But like I said, I've never felt like I needed more sleep ...except for the normal drowsiness that I experience when I don't put in enough hours in bed. wink