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Bee- Where did you start your Cloud's Rest hike from? Coming out of Happy Isles and adding in Half Dome (I end up doing both about every third trip) makes for a longish day, hence the 0500 start. IIRC the gain to Cloud's Rest from Happy Isles is over 6000 feet - similar to Whitney but with more oxygen.................................DUG

Oh, No, no, no - I definitely did not do THAT hike! (although my buddies have) I did the more novice friendly start from Lake Tanaya creek (Sunrise trailhead) off of Tioga, and did the up and back to Clouds Rest. I think that the distance from truck to truck is maybe a little over 10 miles. I have done the local "Whitney hike" around here, which is called Warren Lake (there is a 4500ft total altitude gain due to the 1000ft drop into a lake basin)and it is 16 miles round trip. I am trying to up my strength and stamina, but I don't think that am a "natural" like some of the others are (Moosie, Blooty, etc.)

The body betrays and the weather conspires, hopefully, not on the same day.