Over the past years, we have had a number of threads discussing the Wag Bag pack-out system "required" of all Mt Whitney hikers.  These discussions have been carried on here and on the WPS forum (where some lengthy discussions were deleted).  Several forum members have contacted Inyo National Forest management, both current and past, to find out how the present situation came about.  Recently, video presentations from a 2010 conference, Exit Strategies Conference 2010 - Managing Human Waste in the Wild, were made available on the web, and the information from them has been enlightening.

Pulling all the information together, we have collaborated to create a video that includes clips and material from several of the conference presentations, and provides other information gathered over time.  The 18 minute video below is the result.

The above video contains excerpts from several videos contained in the conference web page.  The two presentations are:

1) former Inyo (Whitney) District Ranger Garry Oye:   Mt. Whitney Case Study


2) Joe Arnold, engineer at Rocky Mt NP:   Rocky Mountain National Park

2019 Edit: It has come to light that Garry Oye had worked in Chile on the opposite: installing a workable backcountry toilet:
Backcountry Human Waste Project Torres del Paine National Park - Chile February 2018 Link here.