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As a business owner, I can fully appreciate the fine line that Doug, Sr., walks when it comes to message board content. It does not matter whether the personal attacks are fact-based or not: it serves no purpose to carry such vitriol on a board that is meant to be an extension of both the WPS and the recreational opportunities surrounding it. It is Doug's board and he has expressed his feelings about bringing rants, complaints, finger pointing, etc., to a venue that was not designed to host such topics.

Did you read the thread before it was deleted? Or the deleted threads before that? I saw lots of factual information, nothing inappropriate.

This is about decisions and actions of our government that affect 20,000 people per year including pretty much everyone who reads these forums. It's pretty sad when people become too afraid to discuss what their government is doing and how those decisions are being made. It's neglect of our civic duty if you ask me.