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I have an 8 oz Zpacks Blast pack. And the Ursack... So I'm getting into the light zone.

How are you not already in the UL zone with that setup? I was inspired by the Blast to create my own pack out of silnylon. I read that he got 2,000 miles out of his on the PCT, so I knew the material would be strong enough for simple multi-day trips.

I used my old Osprey to measure all the dimensions for pads, straps, placement, etc. Btw, doesn't the Blast use a foam pad as the backpad/pseudo-frame?

With the pack/pad taken care of, that would leave only the tarp & quilt. This guy makes quilts with materials sourced from T-H:


With freezer bag cooking and a 9oz esbit burner, you'd be in the UL cooking space. Plus the Ursack - how is your baseweight above 10lbs? Or is it? Have you weighed everything? Heck, you might already be an ULer. LOL

Do you still wear boots or are you wearing trail runners? Here's my running/hiking shoe right now:


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