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How do the luna sandals compare to crocs, weight wise, etc?

I need a new pair of camp shoes, the sandals look interesting. Would you use them for water crossings? That is the primary reason for my crocs. ....only I lost one of the pair on the final 400 of Whitney, so I need to buy something.

Here's a Croc. My pair was a cheap knock-off from Target.

<img src=http://images.crocs.com/is/image/Crocs/10001_200_ALT100>

My wife and I are getting the Luna Mono for walking/jogging. Their website says a pair of size 9s weigh 9oz, so I figure 11-12oz for a pair of size 12s. You can order either a leather or rubber topsole. I think I will go with the leather (for running along our flat beachside trails), but if you plan on getting them wet, most Seattleites get the rubber.