> That was really an aggressive backpack, Steve. Congrats and great job! Did you go solo because no one else was willing to put up with the schedule?

Well... Independence is freedom: I could make the choice to change course and go down that crazy Big Arroyo canyon. And I wasn't sure how I would feel by the time I got to Whitney Creek or to the Crabtree decision point, so the plan was very much flexible. Hard to impose that on someone else. I invited several to go; and my son wanted to go, but the logistics coming from MI would have taken more time than he was willing to be away from two of the cutest kids in the world. wink And I really didn't have a firm date until a week or two before the trip.

> Looking forward to the Easy Walk-off report. There is ridiculously little info on that traverse on the web.

The videos are uploaded, I need to create a map and do the write-up.