The issue with alcohol stoves is that the fuel gives off less energy per weight of fuel burned, when compared to Coleman fuel or propane/butane. Therefore you might need more fuel to heat the same amount of water.

But the trade off is that you don't need to carry the heavier propane canister or Coleman fuel stove with the pumping apparatus.

But I use something lighter: The Backpacking Light Firelite Titanium Esbit Wing Stove Heres the link.

I have a 2 cup aluminum cup I use to heat my single dinners, and put it over the stove. On my trip last summer, I blew out the flame after the food was hot and ready to eat. Used 2/3 of a tablet per day.

Add a little aluminum foil for a wind screen. The fuel tablets are 1/2 oz each. Stove plus wind screen plus two days fuel weigh less than the 2-oz cup!