I bought the Mountain House freeze dried meals with four servings, and repackaged them into 3 zip loc bags. I found I wanted a little more of those meals than a "single serving".

I would pour the contents of the bag into the cup, add water, and set it on the stove. Some of the meals wouldn't completely fit into the 2 C cup, so I'd add more to the cup after I ate some.

My appetite was good enough that I started eating the gruel as soon as it got warm. So the meal was still heating as I ate. Once everything was hot enough, I'd blow out the flame.

That may sound a bit spartan or crude, since I didn't boil the water first, add the meal, and let it set the required number of minutes. But heck, sitting on a rock out in the middle of nowhere, tired from walking all day long,... It worked for me! grin

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