Hi all! smile

I run the webcam archive at Whitney webcam archive. A couple of bugs in the capture code have been bugging me.

  • Duplicate images. The first image of each day is froom the end of the previous day. Images are are duplicated at the end of the end of the day. This happens because it's not a 24/7 realtime capture cam, but rather has a start time in the morning and an end time in the evening. The archive is using times slightly wider than the webcam.
  • Partial or corrupted images. Sometimes the archive downloads an image at the same time as that image is being uploaded from the webcam. If the download finishes before the upload I end up with an incomplete or corrupted image. I need to detect this corrupt image and re-download it.

While I'm fixing these problems is a good time for other changes as well.

Any suggestions for improvements? No promises, but I'm listening.