Joel, I sure appreciate your archiving the pictures.

Things changed when wagga and I installed the new setup over the group hike weekend. Since the camera has a focus problem in low light situations, I had to adjust the stop/start times by about 10 minutes (earlier stop, later start). Fortunately I have access to the computer now, so I can change things from here.

I also changed the partial picture upload problem. The software now uploads a new picture using a different name. Once the upload is completed, it THEN deletes the old picture and renames the new one. So you should not have any more partial pictures since 10/18.

Another change I made was to compress the jpg images so their file size is smaller, giving us a faster upload and quicker display on everyone's computers.

CaT, when you click on the web cam image above on the left, that links to (and downloads) the maximum size image to your browser. Since the picture is too big to display on your monitor, a browser feature shrinks the picture so you can see the whole thing, AND gives you the (+) plus icon, inviting you to click on the picture. If you then click on the picture, your browser un-shrinks the picture, showing you the zoomed-in full size image. ...hope that explains the process.

Joel's software is grabbing the smaller image displayed in the WPS home page. If you go to the Web Cam Notes and look at the "About the picture" section, it identifies the different-sized pictures that are uploaded.