Well, this is it. My right knee has come to the end of the road. After about 25k miles of jogging over 50 years, and hiking maybe a thousand miles, it has worn down to the bone. I can no longer descend stairs without dropping quickly on the good (left) knee. Climbing a ladder hurts; descending requires a two step--use the right leg only to lower my weight.

So Thursday morning, 9 AM, it goes. I've heard several people's experiences and they are happy. One friend is still having trouble with one of his. The doctor says I can return to doing everything I did before -- except no running. It should last the rest of my life--he said 30 years!

Here are some pics:

Sasquatch's knees.

Xray: Note the lack of separation on the inner section of the left knee (that's my right knee).

Side view: Metal surface around the upper (Femur). Flat plate on top of the lower Tibia (shin bone), and a polyethylene plastic plate between, where the friction will occur.

There will also be a plastic surface glued to the back of my patella (knee cap) that will rub against the metal.

This is the Tibia part:

Here's an image from https://www.mykneeguide.com/the-knee/the-knee-prosthesis

So... I hope to be out hiking again by summer!