Steve Wow, your 3 month numbers are remarkable! You lit it on fire indeed. LOL. You may get it "better" than before with proper rest and time.

It is hard, and a disservice, to compare someone's TKR to another as there are so many different ways, procedures, materials,etc.. to do this surgery now. Let alone the each person's tendons, ligaments, bone and muscle capabilities, age, circumstance is different each person.

Bob, I'm glad the wife's 2nd knee replacement went BETTER with a scheduling SNAFU, dang. Did she keep and use the passive flexion device on her 2nd while being left in limbo?
I got the flexion device as well and an internal cooling pump after surgery. My PT appts were the same time as a firefighter that had the same surgery 3 weeks earlier. He was pissed and provided a competitive motivation to our sessions because my range of motion was better my first day. PT said it had a lot to do with the passive flexion from day of surgery on that helped the most.

Lewis is right about surgeons wanting to keep weight bearing quickly. HOI total hip or knee procedures, they want pts. woke up from sedation and getting up and walking a few hours after surgery that same day.

But all this is just anecdotal info and anyone needing a surgery should find the best surgeon and P.T. they can find/ insurance approved for. Give as detailed history, share your desire, then listen and follow your specific path for your surgery they said.