I'm going to be doing Kearsarge to Horseshoe this summer and was looking at taking the Crabtree pass route SOBO towards SkyBlue lake then exiting via Army.

I've read competing posts about this route and some call it "an easy class2" and another mentioned they did multiple class3's going NOBO on the way to the pass and was turned back by it - implying that it was class3++. Another post suggested that Forester pass was more technical than Crabtree.

I'm going to be solo and would consider myself cautious when in the back country alone. I'm not a rock climber, but have done Whitney in early May 2x (via MR and the chute, but with others) and have plenty of back country experience solo (on non-technical routes). I've done a few hikes with easy class3's mixed in, but with others. Also for reference, last summer I did the ~class2+ scramble from Iceberg to Cecile (in the Minarets)and that is about as much as I would like to do solo.

If I was with someone, I would do a easy class3, but solo, I prefer to minimize risk and not have to chop off my own arm if something goes wrong smile.

Any advice, comments, etc., would be greatly appreciated.