Seeking some advise for proper acclimatization and to best maximize my enjoyment/summit success/safety and minimize my chance for AMS

First, a quick couple facts about my hike and "situation". I will have 3 nights total for my hiking weekend. I be doing this as a day hike. No real other option here, due to the type of permit I have. Also, much more comfortable doing long day hikes, and have experience doing similar hikes in the past as to distance and elevation gain (however not at the altitude of Whitney). I live at sea level. I will be training before with long hikes/etc, however will not have the option to train on higher mountains, such as White mountain, etc.

I was lucky enough to get a permit for a day hike this year for July 19. I was also lucky enough to snag a reservation at the portal the night before the hike (7/18). However, the camp site is already full for the night before that (7/17), and full the night after my hike.

I would really appreciate any tips on where it is recommended I stay the night 2 days before my hike to best acclimate. I see Cottonwood Pass Campsite at 10,000 ft and am considering trying to spend the day/night up there, but wondering if that will be beneficial/wise as I will have to spend the next night (before my hike) at a lower elevation. Would I just be best served/more comfortable just getting a room in Lone Pine? Or is there usually last min cancelations at Whitney Portal or some other campsite/location I would be better served staying the 2 nights before?

Also, as for the night after my hike, would Lone Pine likely be my best option for comfort/etc after the hike? And as a side note, any suggested hikes for those two days prior would also be very helpful.

Thanks you for your time and for all who respond!!