I agree with all of the very sound advice so far.

Consider sleeping at Horseshoe Meadows on the 27th. It is nice and high (10,000') and can really help you acclimatize. Depending on when you arrive, you could also manage a day hike toward or to the Cottonwood Lakes area.

Check out Gaia's app for you phone, if you won't be carrying a GPS unit.

And check out the three videos found on this channel (credit to Mr. Hicks, a frequent poster here). They provide clear views the route up Ebersbacher Ledges without any fish-eye effect, provide useful comments, and one of them is even of the descent, which should always be a Plan B.

Good luck and have a blast!

P.S. Ibuprofen helps a lot of people with the altitude, even taken preventatively.

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